WPM Pathology Laboratory Pathologists perform all autopsies in Salina. Clients are responsible for transporting bodies to, and from, Salina for this service. Call WPM Pathology Laboratory to arrange for, and schedule, autopsies.


WPM Pathology Laboratory provides a full range of tissue examination services, including immunohistochemical staining. Accurate, concise reporting, minimal turn-around time, and easy telephone accessibility of Pathologists are hallmarks of WPM Pathology Laboratory surgical pathology services.


Frozen sections can be performed on-site. These must be scheduled ahead of time, so that a Pathologist can be available. Frozen sections can also be performed on specimens that are immediately transported to WPM. The specimen must be fresh (without formalin) and in a appropriately labeled container. Again, these must be scheduled so that a Pathologist can be available.


WPM Pathology Laboratory performs a large volume of Pap tests every year while maintaining a reputation for very rapid turn-around-time, accuracy of reporting and easy telephone accessibility of Cytotechnologists and Pathologists. Customizable monthly statistical reports and other client reports are an added plus to our service. In addition to conventional methodology, thin-layer technology is available via SurePath instrumentation and technology. HPV, Chlamydia Trachomatis (CT), Neisseria Gonorrhea (NG), and Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) testing is available utilizing SurePath thin-layer PAP specimens. These tests are also available as a stand-alone test by using the SurePath vial. Also, molecular testing for Vaginosis Diagnostic Panel (VDP) is available by utilizing the Universal Collection Device and Transport System available through WPM.


SurePath thin-layer instrumentation and technology are utilized providing a consistent, superior slide presentation for Cytotechnologists and Pathologists to read. As with other WPM Pathology Laboratory technical services, accuracy, rapid turn-around time, and easy accessibility of technical staff make this a superior service.


WPM Pathology Laboratory employs a full-time ASCP certified Consulting Medical Technologist whose sole function is to provide a full range of technical consultation for POLs and hospital laboratories. Our Consulting Medical Technologist is highly experienced and up to date on all phases of laboratory organization and operation.

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