WPM Pathology Laboratory, Chartered was established in 1966, as an independent laboratory, serving clients in Salina, Kansas. The organization was founded as Drs. Weber, Palmer, and Macy, Chartered, in 1969, by three pathologists who shared lofty standards of professional expertise and common principles. The organization has grown to the point where it now serves hospitals and clinics throughout Kansas. In January 2005, the organization’s name was changed to WPM Pathology Laboratory, Chartered, based upon the fact that the three original partners are no longer involved. The medical staff of WPM Pathology Laboratory now consists of James Cooper, M.D., Julie Moore, M.D., and David McKenzie, M.D., who are all board certified by the American Board of Pathology.

WPM Pathology Laboratory is committed to providing the highest quality technical support and medical professional services to patients, medical office staff, hospital staff, and physicians. Being an independently owned local pathology group with deeply rooted traditions of professional excellence will always be the foundation for our continued growth and changing service needs. We recognize that our long-term success requires a dedication to exceptional standards of service and support.

WPM Pathology Laboratory specializes in Anatomic Pathology, Cytology, and Laboratory Consulting for hospital and physician office laboratories. WPM Pathology Laboratory is located at 338 N. Front St., in Salina, Kansas. Services are performed Monday through Saturday, with the exception of holidays.


WPM Pathology Laboratory is accredited through CLIA certification, and is licensed for interstate commerce by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. WPM Pathology Laboratory is an approved Medicare provider.



WPM Pathology Laboratory provides a full range of anatomic pathology services for hospitals and clinics, including tissue examination, frozen sections, autopsies, and pathologist consultation. Pathology and clinical laboratory consultation services are set up in such a way that a WPM Pathologist is assigned to each hospital client, rather than rotating different pathologists on a monthly basis. This is done to provide consistency and improve rapport with laboratory and medical staff.

Gyn and non-Gyn cytology services are provided, as well. Pap test results are reported utilizing Bethesda 2001 method. The Cytology department will send notification of normal Pap test findings directly to the patient, and a monthly statistical report is sent to clients to assist in patient follow-up. WPM Pathology Laboratory utilizes SurePath (formerly AutoCyte) thin-layer instrumentation and methodology for all non-Gyn cytology samples. SurePath is also available for Gyn cytology.

Laboratory technical consultation services are available to physician office and hospital laboratories.


WPM Pathology Laboratory consistently furnishes accurate and meaningful data. This, coupled with unbeatable turn-around times, easy accessibility of highly trained technical and business staff, and cost-effective pricing, accounts for the reputation of excellence that WPM Pathology Laboratory enjoys. The reliability of results, and high quality of staff, are maintained through strict adherence to internal and external quality control management. WPM Pathology Laboratory insists upon accuracy and certainty in every procedure performed.


WPM Pathology Laboratory insures that assistance is readily available via e-mail, cellular phones and toll-free phone numbers. Client service is recognized as an integral part of WPM Pathology Laboratory’s mission. All WPM Pathology Laboratory staff are easily accessible and willing to assist you in any way that they can. Pathologists are readily accessible for telephone consultation, and a Pathologist is on call 24 hours a day (see page 10, "WPM Pathology Laboratory Helpful People"). Our expectation is that you will recognize a service and support staff that can only be found in an independently owned local pathology group.


Reporting is done via encrypted, password secured Internet site, fax, courier, and mail (depending upon your needs). Reporting times vary, depending upon the procedure, but WPM Pathology Laboratory consistently provides very brief turn-around times. Tissue reports, and non-Gyn cytology reports are normally released within one working day of specimen receipt. Pap reports are normally released within two to three working days of specimen receipt. Every effort is made to provide the most accurate result in the most expeditious way possible, however, WPM Pathology Laboratory never compromises the integrity of analysis by taking shortcuts for the sake of improving turn-around time.


All WPM Pathology Laboratory technical staff are readily available and willing to provide prompt and accurate assistance. A close working relationship between client and WPM Pathology Laboratory technical staff is encouraged.

WPM Pathology Laboratory employs a full time Medical Technologist as a Laboratory Consultant, to assist and guide laboratories in keeping abreast of the newest techniques, procedures, and regulations that affect them. Monthly in-service instruction is available as part of this service, which is available on an hourly consultation fee structure.


WPM Pathology Laboratory provides, at no additional charge, the supplies and forms necessary for transporting specimens. Supply requisitions are provided for ease of reordering.


WPM Pathology Laboratory provides specimen pickup through a combination of WPM Pathology Laboratory couriers and contract couriers. Pickup service is individualized to best meet the needs of each client. The utmost of care is always taken to assure that the integrity of all specimens is protected.

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